Aduro Charging Station/Surge Protector w/6 outlets, 2 USB

If I still traveled a lot for work I’d buy this in a hearbeat and keep it in my luggage. For all the times I’ve been in airports when all the outlets have already been taken… plug this in and you could charge eight different things. You’d become a very well-liked traveler very quickly… you could probably make your money back quickly too with the number of beers/coffees that people would buy you for being able to charge multiple devices of theirs.


These kinds of things are great for cruise ships, too. If you’ve ever been on one, you’ll know most every cabin has one outlet in the living area. So if you’ve got 2 people with phones, a tablet, alarm clock, etc. you’re pretty much out of luck unless you bring along something like this. Worth noting the 2.4 amps for the USB plugs will charge 2 phones, but not a tablet and a phone (at least not in a speedy fashion). Worth noting this is a unit that is made under many brand names. They also sell the same one on Monoprice under their name.

For what it’s worth, I personally use this one. While it’s 3 less outlets, they are much more usable because of the spacing between them that allows you to plug in wider plugs while the one advertised here on Woot will be difficult to actually use all 6 plugs. The protection rating for surges on the one at this link is double what the one advertised here will protect as well.

And since it’s not shown in the photos here, the woot item uses one plug on the back, but also has a plastic pin that would occupy the ground of the outlet below where you plug this in.

Same thing over at the mothership for $15 shipped for Prime.

Hmm. That shows up as $18.99 for me now.

It was a deal of the day for $12.99, but once it was 100% claimed, it went up to the price I posted. Appears that it’s back to normal price now. Mind you, at the same price as Woot (once you factor in Woot shipping), I’d always go with Amazon where I can return it if needed.

Minimum joule rating should be 1440 !!!.

Just got this in today. I am going to have to mark this one as a $23 loss…including shipping. The top 3 plugs work great along with the USB ports. The bottom 3 plugs…nothing. Woot doesn’t except returns unfortunately. I will have to be more careful in the future. First POS I have received from Woot.

Mine is working in all ports including the 2 usb ports. Liking it so far.

USB ports not working well, Item will show plugged in but will not charge. 120ac side works fine.