Aduro Charging Station/Surge Protector w/6 outlets, 2 USB

Not a great deal. $14.99 plus free shipping with Prime over at Amazon.

I bought one of these last time around. It covers an entire standard 2-outlet plate but only plugs into one of the outlets. Second, make sure you don’t mind a bright green light shining all the time. I had to lay a sock over the top of it to get some sleep.

You beat me to it. Was going to post the EXACT same thing. I solved the problem by forming a piece of heavy duty aluminum foil over the light and then taping it down duct tape. Small green sun is no longer visible.

Anyone know if this will work with a GFI outlet?


so its the same old 2 for 6 adapter…but now with 2 USB ports.

Ok cool…except its only got a total A TOTAL of 2.4a output.

Yay 2x1.2a ports…might as well plug my phone back into my Windows XP computer then…especially if I plan to charge my phone and maybe a friends or whatever :slight_smile:

Not a useful product.
If it were 5a (2x2.5 USB) atleast then I would consider it. Thats a bit more realistic, especially in todays day and age where our electronics have larger batteries and therefore take more time to charge up.