Aduro Charging Station/Surge Protector w/6 outlets, 2 USB

$16.99 At amazon with prime.

Does this thing need an existing electrical outlet to plug into?

Yes. There’s an additional photo of the rear of the unit on the product page:

I’m not an electrician, and I’m pretty bad at math, but something sounds wrong there.

The ‘2.4 amps total’ just refers to the USB ports. They are 1.2 each max, so they put the text in there so people do not buy this thinking the USB ports are 2.1 amps each.

I…think sharktopus was talking about the number of devices. 6 outlets + 2 ports = 7 devices?


OK, so I have been lead to understand that you should not leave a wall wart plugged in when not in use!!

Can anyone tell me what is the difference between this ??? piece of technology, and the 2 wall warts it replaces? I bet it wastes power just like the items it replaces! On second thought, IT WOULD BE MUCH WORSE, SINCE YOU CANNOT ROUTINELY UNPLUG THIS POS!

@Picky2Picky, An interesting question likely of more theretical than practical concern I suspect.

The implied question - does one or both of the USB or Surge Protector functionality vamp electrical juice when nothing is plugged in or nothing is turned on?

If properly designed (no way of knowing without testing) the circuitry should sip juice at a trivial rate whilst sitting idle. But the concern is technically valid.

So it is a buck less + faster to your doorstep at the mothership if you have Prime.

Unless you’ve already paid the one time $5 shipping on Woot during this holiday period, in which case it is 4 bucks cheaper here on Woot.

Handy gadget unless you want to charge more than a single USB device desiring 2+ amps (like tablets and larger phones).

14.99 today…

I bought a few of these a little while back. Working well so far. My only small beef is that the lights on it are quite bright in a dark room. The surge protection light on the top is green, and quite bright. Its basically a night light. Not a deal breaker, just be aware.

You may be able to turn that off, but I haven’t really investigated.

@cainemarko, tape or Sharpie in the color of your choice for those obnoxious lights.

+1 for Sharpie; I didn’t think of that! Hope you get a quality post.

Almost all USB wall chargers these days are switching power supplies which drain very little power while plugged in but not in use, as opposed to the old, large, heavy transformer blocks which actually consistently drain a significant amount of power regardless of use. I have an old 12v 1amp block handy, which is almost the same wattage as one of these, and my kill-a-watt shows it drawing just over 3 watts. That’s almost enough for a 40 watt equivalent led bulb.

You can get a two-pack of similar at Costco for $16+tax. The Costco one is total 3.1A to the 2 USB, but only 3 110v outlets. Cosco one is a 900J surge protector, also.

Small grumble. I bought 3 on the first day. White was not available (greyed out). Don’t you know the next day white became available. Guess the met their quota of the less popular ones.

Fantastic idea! Got one at Ross yesterday for $8.99, so this price isn’t as fantastic as it seems