Aduro Charging Station/Surge Protector w/6 outlets, 2 USB

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Aduro Charging Station/Surge Protector w/6 outlets, 2 USB
Price: $11.99 - 21.99
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“6 grounded outlets and 2 USB ports (2.4 amps total) let you power up to 7 devices”

– not understanding the math here (sincerely)

If you’re getting the single, it’s cheaper at amazon with prime shipping.

Nah, we just can’t count. It’s 8 devices. :slight_smile:

You’re supposed to use the bottom right outlet for a boxy adaptor that blocks the bottom center.

Can these be screwed into the outlet to make them more secure? My pet peeve is having five or six cords plugged into one of these, and you unplug one cord and it pulls the whole fixture out of the socket, thereby unplugging everything inadvertently.

If they cannot be attached via the center screw, do they at least have two sets of metal prongs on the back? Many cheaper ones only have one real plug and a fake plastic plug for the other outlet. This causes problems because 1) some homes have either the upper or lower outlets wired to a wall switch, and 2) you can’t bend in the prongs of the plastic plug to make it grip the outlet better (see first paragraph).

Also, a minor gripe on the USB ports… 2.4A total usually means 1.2A per outlet, unless otherwise stated. This is because some electronics refuse to be charged at more than 1.2A. Some units do allow up to 2.4 per outlet if only one item is plugged in. Better units have smart ports, which automatically charge based on the device’s requirements, but these are rarely (if ever) found on combination wallplug units.

On the bright side, batteries tend to last longer if they are slow-charged as opposed to fast charging.

You can see the screw in the middle of the picture to lock it in place.

•Includes optional socket screw to secure the unit to the wall or any other surface

Amazon has an excellent review that should answer all your questions:

Sorry - Noob here…

Amazon Review

If you have prime it seems that it is cheaper on amazon at 14.99 with free shipping, though I think the 2 pack comes out a bit lower here.

Beware. These things are junk. I bought three and the USB ports never really worked. They also don’t charge that well. Could have just been mine but three all having the same problems doesn’t seem to be a coincidence. Just trying to save you money