Aduro Charging Station/Surge Protector w/6 outlets, 2 USB

These would be much more awesome if they came with a person to install them :slight_smile:

It just plugs into a standard wall outlet. There’s no real installation to be done.

$2.00 less on Amazon with Prime shipping.
Another amazing woot deal!

Might want to look at those prices again.

Thanks, at least Amazon had a picture of the back.

Does anyone know, will they channel all 2.4A through a single USB if there’s only one plugged in?

11.99 + 5 for shipping > 14.99

Super easy I bought them last time they were on. Just remove the face plate plug these in then screw them in with the long screw they come with

I got a bunch last time they were on super easy to install and they are working great. Love that they actually screw in so they do not fall out if you have 6 things plugged into it.

Do you call an electrician when you need to plug in a lamp? No?

Then you’ll be fine.

Ok… I did?
What say you now?

Good job!

My house only has 2-prong outlets. Just for sake of argument, let’s assume I buy this and cut off the ground prong. Will it still function? (yes, I realize my stuff won’t be grounded in this case…it’s not grounded anyway because I have to use a crappy 2prong-3prong adapter to use almost everything in my house).

Still a good deal if you’re looking for more than one.

Only drawback I see with this device is the plugs are very close that only a power cord can be plugged in, any thing larger than the apple little white puck with your iphone would interfere with the next plug.