Aduro Dual USB Charging Station w/Phone Holders

ordered this last time they had it; interestingly, the holes on 2 out of 3 “sockets” were too small to accept plugs. I liked the concept, and emailed for a replacement, but was told woot had no more. Yet here they are for sale again. Are you holding out on us, woot? Can you clarify?

Interesting. I ordered this and it arrived today. All three sockets are very snug when you put the plugs in. If I hadn’t read this first, I may have thought they didn’t fit at all… But I figured maybe one or two of the sockets were too small. So I kept trying each one and they were all identical - it needs some pressure to push the plugs into the sockets. But all three work great. Same with USB. I love this thing.

That said, I personally much prefer a tight/snug fitting socket. That way you know the plugs will never loosen and fall out (if, say, the device is behind a desk or something similar and you cannot see it to check).