Aduro Dual USB Charging Station w/Phone Holders

Phone holder dimensions: .625”x2.5”x1.625”

That’s not wide enough for

Phone holders can fit all iPhones, Galaxy S3/4/5, and most smart phones.

A 6s+ is over 3" wide.

If my outlets are in a horizontal fashion, will this work? The plug on this device has to be able to rotate 45 degrees. Anyone know if this is possible?

Does it come with the short cables or did I miss something in the description?

No. You use the cable that comes with your device.

No, it only goes one way and it has a second plastic peg that goes in the bottom outlet’s ground hole.

Received and set mine up on Friday. Works great. I have the HTC One M8 with a Speck case, and it fits fine. One holder is a little wider than the other.

Can someone please tell me if this fits the iphone 6 plus?

Features listing notes: “Phone holders can fit all iPhones