Aduro Grass Hub 4 Port USB Charging Stand - White

I cannot tell from the pictures or the listings whether this docking station includes its own power supply, or the power supply of the “thing” being charged is plugged into a jack corresponding to the USB plug used for charging that “thing”. It seems to me that is an important piece of information which should be mentioned in the text, as well as listed in “what is in the box” list. As it stands now, following the listing rules you specified, there is no power pack/wall-wart included since it is not listed. That cools the “deal” off substantially! It would make the “deal” just a bunch of rubber nibs sticking up out of a plastic box which doesn’t interest me. If you had done something in the listing somewhere, I would have bought one or two or more, but now-zero!!!

Per the vendor: The hub has 4 USB ports total, 2 ports are 2.4Amp Output, and 2 ports are 1Amp output, so the total power output is 6.8Amp

There is an AC plug included that plugs into the wall to power the charging hub.

Hope that helps! Happy Wooting!

Thanks! I wrote more but I lost it somehow, and I didn’t have time to go searching for it! Good to know that it has it’s own power, as I couldn’t see how it would work otherwise. I may get one now that I have the right information to use in my decision.