Aduro Grass Hub 4 Port USB Charging Stand - White

amazon price is 19.99. not hard to get free shipping.

bought this item Hated it ! ok the usb ports are handy but it dose not stay upright with items in it. Ipad dose not fit right, same with iphone
should be included in a bag of carp instead of having it being sold as one item

Does this thing have a power cord that plugs into a 110 volt wall socket and then provides power to the 4 USB ports? If so, the specs should show it and how long that cord is and if the plug on that cord is polarized (with one blade wider than the other). Seems to be lacking in details in the description.

Per the vendor: The ac adapter power cord that plugs into the device to supply power is included in the box, and it is a 6 Ft long cable.