Aduro Lounger Adjustable Neck Mount Phone Holder

Aduro Lounger Adjustable Neck Mount Phone Holder

Holy cow! Are people buying these for gag gifts?

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Stylish and functional.

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Is this what our world has come to?

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Now I can keep both hands on the wheel!


An improvement over this?


For people with not much to say, I assume.

Can we expect them in BOCs anytime soon?

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Hey ThunderThighs, when someone posts a video in the comments the site makes it impossible to see the whole video across (top to bottom looks fine). I think this was even happening before the major switch. I’m using a Note 8, Sprint, all the latest updates.

P. S. Thanks for all you do to make Woot usable.

Huh, I haven’t seen that. Could you post a screen shot. Caveat: you can’t upload a pic from mobile devices yet. Blargh. You’ll have to send it to your computer first.

Also, using App or browser?


Sorry about the wait (life getting in the way), but here you go:

Google Photos

This is using the app.

I had long since given up on life. This is the perfect product for me !

it just needs to be able to fold up and fit reasonably well in a small bag and ill buy and use it!