Aduro Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset

Does anyone know if these are decent or not? I’m not finding any reviews on the internet.

I really question the 15 hour play time given what that most bluetooth earbuds on the market get 4-5 hours out of a single charge.

I am with you on that I really suspect there is an accidental 1 in that playtime number and it is really suppose to be 5 hours.

It is supposed to be 5. Sale will be updated soon.

What about sound quality and bluetooth signal strength? Can anyone share an opinion?

Does this actually have active noise cancelling, as in can you turn it on and off, or finger in your ear style noise cancelling?

I got these yesterday. The connection to the phone is easy and works well. The sound is acceptable but not amazing. I use headphones mostly for audiobooks, and noticed a buzz this morning while listening, but played music to see what it was like and it’s better than radio quality, but not high end in my opinion. For 16 dollars, I love them because I won’t get them yanked out of my head while doing chores around the house. I’m glad I have them, but think someone looking for high end sound might be disappointed.

The manual says 3.5 hours playtime and 15 standby hours. Charging takes 2 hrs.

These caught my eye having just bought a different pair last week. What I did learn is most of the headphones are of the “QY” series out of China. These appear most like the QY5. Doing a search with QY and the number along with Bluetooth on the bay or Amazon one can find a QY5, QY6 all the way up to QY11. I settled on QY8 after reviews on the Utube. If these are in fact the QY5 they are well priced as we would expect from Woot. There are some review on the tube under QY5 Sports Headphones from about 10 months ago. THe english review is annoying. I have no idea what the german reviewer VicTsing is saying, but it’s thorough. Maybe another wooter can translate.

If you search on Facebook you will see quite a few negative comments.

These things are pretty much total crap. Had mine since December- already the left earpiece has shorted out and the right side slowly goes up and down in volume.
The Bluetooth receiver is weak- if my phone is in my pants pocket, the signal between it and the headset becomes choppy.

There have been other problems too.

Flimsy. Crappy. Purchase at your own peril.