Aduro Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset

are these “noise canceling”
as in Active…
Or … “noise isolating”
as in… good earplugs?

here’s the manufacturer’s page…
and no more specs there than we have here… but it Says
“Noise Cancellation”

the mystery thickens…

I’ve never seen active noise canceling headphones that didn’t brag that feature up…
where “noise isolation” headphones often only make mention …

Their site says noise cancllation.

Ees good for bouncy bouncy jogging?

There is active and passive noise cancellation. Passive is basically a good ear plug. I wouldn’t bet on these being active at the price and size

Bought 2 pairs a few weeks back. Don’t know about ‘noise canceling’, but they sound pretty good (low end is good, high end is a bit dull), and the battery lasts only about 4 hours. Disappointing in that regard, particularly.

What version of Bluetooth are these? 4.0, 4.1, 4.2?

This model is Bluetooth 3.0.

The fit is poor. The sound is not great, however the call quality is great.

After checking out the same product on other sites (by matching the model #), it appears that the photo shown here does not represent the actual product. Amazon product photos plus the many user-provided photos, this item has an attached housing beyond just the wire/mic and earbuds. It isn’t clearly stated, but there does not appear to be a way to separate the housing. This is disappointing, as I’m looking for the exact setup shown on here (earbuds without the bulky housing), for running/biking. I understand the advantages of the setup of the actual product, but am looking for something different in this instance.

Doesn’t look like these are even on Amazon. They’re showing you the SBN25.

Here they are on Aduro. Our photos are correct.

These have very nice sound, work for a good 35 feet of range in my house, good battery life, and simple controls. Unfortunately they are too large and heavy for me to use at all–won’t stay put for more than a couple of minutes even after swapping the in the ear plastic thingies to the smallest size. The good news? My husband loves them, although they are bit large even for him.