Aduro PowerUp 4-Port USB Charging Station and Stand

Aduro PowerUp 4-Port USB Charging Station and Stand

The price isn’t too bad, especially considering a simple metal phone stand alone costs around this much (at least if you’re just looking at new prices on Amazon.) Add a 4-port USB charger on top of that and it’s a respectable sale. It’d be nice if the specs were easier to find, however.

I found what appears to be Aduro’s product page for this here, which specifies, “Output: 5V 4A Power Max 25 W” and mentions “ISmart technology” which I guess implies that it can dynamically allocate power between ports as needed (which would be typical for a recent example of this type of USB multi-port charger) except 5 V @ 4 A equals 20 W not the specified max 25 W.

That doesn’t confirm if each port can output up to, say, 1.2 or 2.4 A, or if each one is actually limited to 1 A, or more curiously, why the product photos on Aduro’s own page show one of the 4 USB ports being blue (like the USB 3.0 color scheme,) which would suggest that one port having a higher revision of the USB PD spec, so maybe that port outputs 2 A and the rest are limited to 1 A each.

Not a huge problem, I guess, given the price, but it would be nice to ascertain the exact power output capability of this thing.

Good morning. we added the following info to the specs:

Input: worldwide 100-240v 50/60HZ
Output: 5V 4A Power Max 25 W