Aduro PowerUp Passenger Car Charger

Aduro PowerUp Passenger Car Charger

Will these work off my sound system? We don’t use the TV speakers. Thank you.

Aduro’s official product page for this.

Were you trying to ask about a different product? This is the discussion thread for a USB-port charging device that plugs into your car’s 12 V socket. It has nothing to do with a TV, speakers, or “[your] sound system.”

What is the total combined power output for this? I see that each port can output 2.1 A, but surely it can’t provide that to every port at the same time.

The product image shows 54W as the output. And production description shows 2.1A per USB port.

The actual product received has printed 24W and 2.4A max per port port. Wouldn’t have bought this product if I known it was a max of 24W.

Hi there. I’m sorry for the incorrect image. I’ll send a note to the electronics team.

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