Aduro PowerUP Smart 6-Port USB Rapid Charger

Aduro PowerUP Smart 6-Port USB Rapid Charger

So - what is it about charging Apple things that needs a dedicated USB port?? Can those ports be used for non-Apple items?? Thanks!

Good morning! From the vendor:

It makes no difference which port you are using, this image is actually an older image and the current actual units don’t have any names above the ports, I think it was done originally as a way to keep devices organized but then some customers were getting confused so we took it off last year. The product has SmartCharge technology so it will automatically detect what device is being connected into the USB ports and give out the proper charging output whether it’s a phone or a tablet.

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I’m hoping there’s an AC plug that’s just not listed. Otherwise, does it plus into a usb plug? Thanks

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Yep, good to check though. It comes with an adapter.

Any idea what the max output is?

Howdy. Per the vendor, the total output is 8amp between all ports.


8amp between all the ports wouldn’t make this a rapid charger in my book. You would need at least 2amp per outlet and better if it were 3amp per.

Odd that Woot! doesn’t have photos showing all the colors.:thinking:

OK - gotta share - LOVE this thing! It works great on all the things - and is absolutely wonderful when traveling - makes the recharge needs easy to meet very easily. Thanks WOOT!!!

Woot! Order placed 5 August 2019, sent to me. Arrived 10 August 2019.

Item ordered: Aduro brand 40 watt 8 amp 6-port usb charger. PW-HUB6P12

Item received: Aduro brand 30 watt 6 amp 6-port usb. PW-HUB6PCR

Why is Woot sending the wrong item?

Sorry about that. I’ll venture a guess that our vendor grabbed the wrong item. I’m sure wasn’t any evil plan.

However, I don’t see the order on the account you posted from.

Please contact Woot Customer Service for assistance from the account where you made the purchase. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.