Aduro PowerUp Solar 10,000mAh Dual USB Backup Battery

Aduro PowerUp Solar 10,000mAh Dual USB Backup Battery

Does this come with a usb-c power supply?

As with the majority of power banks, a power adapter is not included as they’re intended to be charged from an existing phone charger. Besides solar, this can take both USB-C and micro-USB as input.

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I just ordered one and it came with a cable to charge the actual power bank

Can anybody who has one say how long it takes to charge from solar?

Bought two last time. It’s OK as a power bank - just don’t expect the solar cell to charge it enough to replenish your cellphone at all. 3-days in the Southwest sun, and bringing in to sit under our kitchen island night light and it did not even register on my cellphones. However it did allow it’s flashlight function to work for 8-hours overnight until I turned it off. Not sure how much longer it would gone, but in an emergency, it could be handy.