Aduro PowerUp Trio 30k mAh SmartCharge

Aduro PowerUp Trio 30k mAh SmartCharge

$4 more on groupon.

I have one of these, think I got it from Woot a couple weeks ago. It arrived with its battery completely dead, which was concerning, and I tried to charge it with a random lightning cable I had handy, but no LEDs lit, was also a bit concerning. But I perservered, attaching it my charger via a micro-B cable I was already using, LEDs lit up. Gave it 24-26 hours to get to a full four LEDs solid and no blinking. Took an hour or two to fully charge a completely dead iPad, everything good. Tested a different lightning cable and a USB-c cable, all good. Re-charged it from 3 bars to four. You should probably be aware that FAA limits the battery capacity used on aircraft to 27,000mah, and this is just larger at 30,000mah. I think it would be more questionable to try packing it in a checked bag than in a carry-on. I’ve carried-on a 20,000mah battery without any looks or questions and I doubt this would be a problem at TSA, but I haven’t tried it yet, just sayin’…


Anyone know its dimensions & weight?

2” x 3” x 8”

Same price on GroupOn now and comes in three size options competitively prices;

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Not impressed… Used this first time last night and it shuts down before phone charges 100%

Weight: 530 grams or approximately 1lb 2.7oz.

I had no problems with the one I was delivered. However, it might not continue to push power once it charges your device to 100%, so using it as an overnight charging solution is probably not the best idea. Although, it did charge my s7 edge and white noise speaker about half a dozen times between the two over four days before it finally needed recharging. At this price point, I will definitely be getting a couple more.