Aduro PowerUp Trio 30k mAh SmartCharge

Aduro PowerUp Trio 30k mAh SmartCharge



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I have a pair of these for spare battery / a counterweight for my oculus quest, and though they work well enough, the charge slows over time until it drains more than it charges, indicating competent but low-end charge controllers. They’re cheap and hold some solid juice if your devices are clever enough to interpret the wobbly power input, but only trustworthy to about %70, or the last LED in the charge indicator. Definitely worth thinking about price over time as they become less reliable, but again, they work and are if nothing else an excellent counterweight.


re: counterweight - Yes, quite the honker, this one.

The built-in LED is nice.

I/O is baffling tho…

I bought this, charged it up, used it 1 time. Died! Probably no guarantee. Not happy

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