Aduro Solid-Grip Adjustable Gooseneck Phone Stand

Aduro Solid-Grip Adjustable Gooseneck Phone Stand

Dimensions would be helpful. :straight_ruler:

According to the Aduro website…

  • Plastic clamp with two rubberized grips Works on surfaces up to 3 thick
  • Length of neck is 24"
  • Universal fit - Adjusts from 4" to 10.5" to fit your smartphones or tablets

Could this be attacked inside the car if attached to the ash tray which is under radio OR would it work being attached to a cup holder?

It came faster than regular Woot stuff and it shipped for free from China. Confirmed Woot is owned by the Chinese government.

There’s not a very good spot to mount it in my Grand Marquis. The vent holes are too small and the edge of the dash is a softer material so it could slip off. But I won’t return it. It seems well built and useful.

I hate when my phone holder gets attacked.

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It’s hard to complain about an $8 mount, it might work well for smaller phones with no case, but it’s not for everyone.

The clamp on the gooseneck mount is good, you can loosen the clamp to open the jaws a good 2-1/2" if you need to clamp to the seat track, under the dash or even a cup holder.

The spring loaded clamp for the phone cradle opens about 3" wide and the sides that grip the phone are only 1/2" deep and angled so it will not grip some phone cases. They have a piece of rubber tape on each end to help grip the phone.

If these ends were straight and 3/4" to 1" it would hold almost any phone case …but it doesn’t.

I will likely use the mount and toss the POS phone cradle, it looks like a standard ball connection so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that works correctly.

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