Aduro Solid Grip Gooseneck Tablet Mount

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I only found one real review, but this doesn’t help.
I’m tempted to blow $15 on this. I’ve wasted more money on junk. Could turn out to be decent…

Anyone know how if this will hold an iPad air in a case?

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Universal - the mount adjusts to fit all 4" to 10.5" devices.

Could you pls tell me how long the neck is?

I have one that looks very similar to this. It holds up well with my hp touchpad (same size and weight as the 1st gen ipad). It’s not very long but long enough to rise my tablet next to my monitor to use as a secondary display. Note that it did suggested to make a loop when holding a heavier device.

Does that mean the mount opens up to 10.5" wide?

How long is the gooseneck?

About the same price as Amazon (assuming you have Prime). This one is better looking, 1m tall and fits a iPad Pro and only $20.

Can it hold an iPad Pro?

Will this attach to an open tray on an airline? There is no reference to the width of the table clamp, and does it have a thumbscrew or are tools required?

Per the Specs: Clamp can hold up to a 3" surface.

From what I can see, there are no tools or thumbscrews required. I will send an email to the vendor to confirm this, though it may take some time to hear back from them because it’s the weekend.

CONFIRMED! No tools are required!

It said in the specs how wide a tablet this device would hold. Also said how wide the holding clamp would go. Why not take the time to read the specs before posting mindless questions?

I think they’re wondering if that’s the diagonal measurement that is typical of many devices.


The length of the Gooseneck: 24”

The maximum width of the clamp opening: 8.5”

What if they were asking before buying the thing and wanted to hear from someone who had already bought one? We all have bought something off the net that doesn’t fit the specs. Try not to be so rude.