Aduro Solid Grip Gooseneck Tablet Mount

Interesting that they are selling on Amazon for $14.99, so same price with Prime Shipping factored in. It looks like the $49.99 regular price has been highly inflated. Just saying.

The price from Aduro is $49.99.

So i can purchase it from woot’s parent company at the same price and have it delivered tomorrow with free shipping, or i can purchase from the shell of what used to be woot and have it delivered next week for an extra five bucks for shipping?

tough call here…

I think the strategy here is to encourage you put some more items in your cart for the $5 shipping. Only then does it make sense if you are a Prime customer.

I don’t understand. I would make out using Prime either way. I see it being cost beneficial to s non-Prime user to load up on stuff for only $5. But even for $5, your items from woot could take 3-5 business days if not more. With Prime, I get my stuff next day, and even some items free same day delivery.

Also, isn’t the whole idea of woot to be impulse buys? It’s not like someone says “I need a laptop, 3 lounge chairs, a pair of swiss shoes, and some wine. I’ll go to woot!” (Actually, that would be a pretty cool person to know lol)