Aduro Sport Wireless Stereo BT Headset & Arm Band

I ordered one of these last month from Woot, and I was pleasantly surprised.

The packaging was all very generic, but it works as described just fine. The armband-case even fits my iPhone 6s+ with it’s Otterbox Commuter (that’s the slimmer one - NOT the defender).

I haven’t jogged in them yet, but I’ve worn them around the house for music & a couple phone calls and they feel pretty secure. They’re light and stay planted in my ears well. They’re also comfortable. I pretend-jogged and they were fine and didn’t come out.

I haven’t had to recharge them yet, which is surprising because there’s so little room for a battery.

The person on the other end of the phone DIDN’T complain that they couldn’t hear me, so call quality must be adequate.

Overall, and especially for the price, I’d recommend picking up one of these if you’re looking for a cheap, functional bluetooth solution.

Really light with acceptable sound. It’s mini-USB not micro-USB like every charger cable out there now but not a deal breaker. I haven’t tried it with a phone since I speak too softly evidently for any bluetooth to work for me. I should have bought 5 to give to friends.