Aduro Surge Charging Station 6 Outlet

Aduro Surge Charging Station 6 Outlet

I got one of these from woot back in June thinking it would be a novelty, but I’m really liking it a lot more than I expected to.

It stays solidly plugged into the wall socket, and stuff stays solidly plugged into it. You can even plug one or two mid-size “wall wart” style plugs in without losing access to other receptacles.

I have it in an outlet near my nightstand, so I keep a longish USB cable plugged into it and I’ve enough slack to use my phone or tablet in bed or just leave it charging overnight.

It’s a very handy little gadget if you don’t need the extra cord length of a standard splitter or surge protector. (Don’t plug one of those into this, though, as plugging splitters into splitters is what electricians call a Really Bad Idea.)


Purchased this from Woot several months ago. Not impressed. When you plug this device into your wall outlet it is not stable. When you attempt to plug an electric cord into this device it rocks so that it becomes detached from the original outlet causing ALL of your connected devices to lose contact with the outlet. You must put pressure on this device when plugging or unplugging objects into it or you will lose contact with the original outlet. Poor design

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