Aduro Surge Multi Charging Station Outlets & USB Ports

Aduro Surge Multi Charging Station Outlets & USB Ports

Confession: I’m bad at math and trying to understand this whole amps/watts thing. If fast charging phones take 2amps (vs 1 amp for older phones), and the total usb output of this thing via usb is 4.8amps doesn’t that mean if you plug more than 2 fast charge phones into the USB ports the charge speed will slow down? To charge 4 fast charge phones at max speed wouldn’t the usb output need to total 8amps (4 phones * 2 amps each)?


You, sir/madam, are correct.
Me thinks the units are already doing about as much as they can. Otherwise they wouldn’t be touting how the materials are so anti-flamable.
MARKETING: oh. And make sure to let them know that we worked really hard on THESE so that when they overheat, they probably won’t start any MORE fires.

Is this a surge protector or not??

Aduro Surge is the product line. I don’t believe it has surge protection.

Update: It has some surge protection. Don’t know the rating though.

Thanx the word protect is used in the description.

It is? Where? I"m missing it.

“protected” is printed on the lower front of the product photography with a little light.

Huh. I’ll have to ask. TY!

Yes it does… Aduro Surge Multi Station w/ 6 Outlets & Dual USB Ports & Phone Holder – Aduro Products but yes

Thank you. I corrected later but I’ve updated my initial post. I did ask for more info but haven’t heard back.

Thanks again.