Aduro Surge Wall Tower Outlet Dual USB

Aduro Surge Wall Tower Outlet Dual USB

These were dubious products when Woot had them last, and they still are. 12 devices plugged into one side of a single receptacle? That’s asking for overheating and burning up the receptacle, especially if one of them is a freakin’ George Foreman grill as shown in the last picture.

Do not buy this kind of thing, unless fire hazards are your bag, baby.


Joules rating? Watts rating? Both are important for a Surge Protector.

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Amperage of the USB ports? Why no specs?

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Why? The number of devices mean absolutely nothing. The total power draw of the all attached devices mean everything. A single device can overload a breaker, a hundred may not. As long as the multi strip is rated for the 15A draw, its a non issue.


Ugh… why doesn’t the nine outlet one have plugs facing the wall?! Seems like wasted space that could be better used! :smiley:

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I wouldn’t plug multiple air compressors into one of these, but for normal usage (including Foreman Grills) you’ll be fine. These aren’t all that different from a regular power strip. The only potential issue is that you sacrifice a built-in circuit breaker (found on good power strips) for space.

Looks like the ones on amazon say 2.4 amp for the usb charging.

I have no opinion because I know squat about electricity

DO NOT BUY THESE THINGS!!! Yes, I am shouting for a reason. I got two when they were offered back in Feb. After a while I happened to try an outlet that I hadn’t previously tried and found it to be dead. So I tested the others and found that the outlets on the sides had hot and neutral reversed. The ones in front were wired properly (except the dead one). The other unit was the same, front outlets correct, side outlets with hot and neutral reversed. This presents the possibility of electric shock or damage to what is plugged in. Woot should contact anyone who has purchased one of these and ask them to stop using them immediately. How Aduro could screw up this badly is beyond my imagination.

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it could be a bad production unit and not bad design.

i have other auduro stuff and they work okay.

that doesn’t matter. what matters is how many other things you have in the outlet and on at the same time.

lol. i know right?! yeesh, engineers always making bad design choices. lol

It is worse than that. the hot and neutral is reversed on the side outlets. It should and probably is illegal to sell these

Due to an orthopedic injury I’m just getting around to try to use this device (12 outlet version). I agree with others that c/o the design of this unit.

  1. It does not come with a screw to hold it in place and there is NO information about what type of screw to purchase.
  2. The only way I could get it to be secure in the socket (new ones) was to remove the socket cover, leaving the top of the socket case exposed.
    Horrible design… I wish I would have been able to try it so I still had the return option.