Aduro Surge Wall Tower Outlet Dual USB

Aduro Surge Wall Tower Outlet Dual USB

Please note that some Aduro-branded surge protectors have been recalled

Please follow the instructions from Aduro to verify the recall applies to your product and request a refund.

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I’d avoid the 12 port version. Bought one off Woot when it was $18.99 and the top part where the USB ports are separated from the rest of the outlet very quickly. The screws were still in place but the cheap plastic broke on both retaining screws. I’ve seen others have had the exact same issue. Seems like a design flaw.

Do the USB ports on top get in the way of plugs in the upper outlet (9 vers) ?

Lmao this dangerous shit again? Like why? Why is this being sold? Its been proven multiple times to not be safely wired.

I mean Woot! briefly stopped selling that electrical line checker/bottle opener combo because the line checker thing had a recall but this tower of fucked up power keeps getting sold here…

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What is the surge Joule rating for each model?
Thank you, Jason

I contacted them and this is their reply
"300 Jules

Aduro CS

another note , because after reading reviews on Amazon, the correct screw for these to attach securely is 3 inch x #6-32 UNC Thread. I was able to figure it out after going through my hardware stash. Not sure why other people have not figured it out on Amazon reviews.
I have multiple of these outlets and they work fine for LED lamps, device transformers, and light loads.
I would never attach a high draw device to it .

Please see my posts from March here where I painstakingly documented for you how these are dangerous and illegal electrical outlets. In short, they mix neutral and hot connections depending upon which socket on the unit you choose to use. I am ONCE AGAIN attaching a disassembled image to articulate this critical issue and implore you to immediately withdraw from sale. Your representative acknowledged my notification last time and withdrew the units from sale previously. If you continue to ignore this issue again I unfortunately will be compelled to report this issue to the BBB, CPSC and other applicable enforcement agencies.

Quote from another user here independently verifying this dangerous fault.


See my comment below (August 27th) explaining a more important reason why these should be recalled and destroyed.

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I linked to you in the last thread so I’m well aware :slightly_smiling_face:

I used your images and one of mine to file a complaint with the CPSC. They have forwarded it to Aduro.

I also tested their smaller 9-outlet unit and only three of the nine are wired properly.

I don’t understand Woot’s silence on this matter of selling clearly hazardous items.

Also: Did you see that there is now a third type of Aduro outlet on today’s Woot? You should go over there and posts your excellent images and explanation again, in that conversation.

Hello. Please know that we take safety concerns and customer trust very seriously. At this time, we can confirm that the products are genuine and have passed all relevant electrical testing requirements for North America (ETL). The manufacturer is not aware of any safety concerns with this product, and CPSC has not issued any warnings or recalls. This product has been on the market for over a year with tens of thousands sold, and is still available for purchase at many retailers. Please reach out to if you have any further questions.

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See my response here. Claim against product has been submitted to ETL parent Intertek.

If a union electrician wired a home the way this thing is wired, he’d lose his card. It seems odd that a basic wiring error that is one of the first things building inspectors look for in home wiring apparently “meets code” just because it is a removable plug adapter? Somehow I doubt this meets N.E.C., N.E.M.A. or any other North American electrical code. And after showing it to one of the guys that works for Underwriters Laboratories he laughed and said not only is there no chance that could be UL approved, but it would be de facto illegal for him to knowingly put it into use under Indiana or Michigan Fire Safety regulations…
And not that CPSC is worthless, but they are like the agency that considers putting up traffic lights… after a certain minimum of accidents.

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All mine work great from last sale… I believe some just like to ■■■■■… My thoughts.

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I would buy again… But last sale got enough of the 12’s

They work great as long as you don’t mind that devices plugged into half the outlets can potentially shock you. They swap the neutral and hot lead between front facing and side facing outlets. This completely defeats the purpose of polarized AC outlets, makes you nice UL approved electronics no safer than something powered by sticking bobby pins in the socket and connecting with ‘gator clips. But hey, its’ your life. Just hope you are not risking your family as well.

So, if you think the two prongs on those cords powering your electronics are different sizes just randomly, well just keep on keeping on…

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Obviously it’s not necessary to take this apart to demonstrate the problem. If ETL certified this when a $5 outlet tester shows that the 6 side outlets have hot and neutral reversed (I checked myself,) then they should be ashamed of themselves.

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Maybe you need a better tester. Or maybe, if yours are reversed, you have a defective product and it doesn’t necessarily mean every one of them is reversed. I have 2 of the 12’s and the side outlets are certainly not reverse wired. They work great.