Aduro Surge Wall Tower Outlet Dual USB

@NightCreeper, not doing so. Just pointing out that it is, indeed, a product produced and shipped from China. You inferred otherwise by pointing out the home office has a NJ address.


I already sent a private message stating the very same. Yet to respond and it’s been hours ago. Therefore my investigation within such matter was closed due to inactivity.

I ended up going with AZB although, my skepticism on such cheap surge protectors won’t be ignored.

I will definitely have this unt tested once arrives. I have many electronics in my game room/office and won’t settle for a faulty wired protector. Even if I don’t have them on much especially not during a storm they remain plugged in 24/7. Therefore the potential to receive a surge spike is always there.

A Simple Explanation on Ground Wires and their needs to be proper:
May help those that do not understand the importance.

Yes made in China. But designed by an engineer somewhere in NJ who has no excuse to not be familiar with US electrical wiring (actually that should be a requirement of his job).

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I bought one from this sale and here are my results. No surprises and it’s going back.



@mavavra, thank you for yet another confirmation.

@NightCreeper - you seemingly have the only unit in existence claimed to be thoroughly tested as correctly wired. I’d love to see some pictures of your properly operating unit, since this is clearly an inbuilt design flaw (internal L-buss bars that invert outlet polarity on each perpendicular face). It is a mechanical quandary as to how your adapter could somehow be immune to the issue.


@NightCreeper, I am being completely serious with you. If indeed there are Aduro units that do not exhibit the issue and test as correctly wired then I am highly interested in seeing an example. You stated that you have tested your units as good - it is important to see evidence of this, please. Such evidence would be very helpful in the continued investigation of this issue and would be much appreciated.

If you no longer claim a correctly wired unit or don’t wish to provide evidence, please state so and I will no longer tag your username in the continued thread. Thanks in advance for your help!


This isn’t to downplay any of the points you made. The memer was simply pointing out a typical mansplain-y trope you used to start off your post.

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I’m guessing you’re not familiar with the earlier aggressive posts (related but different thread) in which anyone who claimed that a manufacturer’s defect existed were told that they were (insert childish putdowns here). Multiple claims of a working unit, but scoffing at any request to provide evidence. Any tone inferred was well warranted, I assure you.



As can clearly be read by any member at this link you provide, none of the above occurred.

There are no “aggressive posts”. There were no “childish putdowns” towards anyone claiming a manufacturer’s defect. Even towards yourself. Stating disagreement with your statements about the product aren’t childish putdowns.

And there was no “scoffing at any request to provide evidence”. Making a statement that it’s not my job to prove anything to you isn’t “scoffing”.

So, continue all you’d like to make yourself sound like a victim here. If your ego needs that, so be it. And it’s why I responded to your ego with the two gifs above. But, again, any member here can clearly see what was actually posted.

If you believe in what you state regarding the product, whatever I state shouldn’t matter…

For what it’s worth, I did file a report with the Consumer Products Safety Commission ( also referring to this site and Woot’s decision to continue selling this product despite clear demonstrations that it’s incorrectly designed. I was just informed that the report has been forwarded to the manufacturer.

I seriously doubt anything will come of it, but I figured I might as well.


I see that… It is strange that with electrical , a lot of malaise out there about safety…


Seriously woot, your integrity is really suspect in this. I’m so glad I read the comments before I bought. That would have been three failed products in a row from you. Far cry from 2007 when I made my first purchases.


Anyone else notice the difference??? could there be a reason to put the poles in tandem instead???

Is it possible his idea of “tested good” is plug in an incandescent lamp and it turns on, or plug in his celly charger and the phone charges?

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Actually, this model has been available through the Aduro home site, through direct sales for quite a while (at least a year), albeit at a significantly higher price. The outlets are arranged different due to the swivel plug in the back, allowing for it to be inline or across the wall outlet. This item was available for years at but they recently have been eliminating Aduro products from their site (not sure why, but I had at one time bought many Aduro computer accessory products there).
Woot customer service refunded me for the pair of the defectively designed units, and said “dispose of or do as you wish”. So I snipped the buss bars in the bottom to remove links between columns, and soldered in wire jumpers to correctly interconnect them. In the process of doing that, I found the solder joint that was to connect the two Earth Ground busses was so cold, the solder fell off in side and it was the devil to retrieve the piece of solder. But I now have 2 CORECTLY working 12 outlet wall adapters…


That was the initial suspicion and we inquired specifically about that possibility. Response very defensively insisted that neutral-hot polarity was checked with a multimeter as correct at all 12 outlets.

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