Aduro U-Drive Pro HD DVR Dashcam

I saw these cameras with 1080p. This seems to be only 720. I could record 3 hours on a 1080.

I bought one of these the last time Woot had them posted. They give you a very basic sheet of instructions to help hook it up. It does stick to the windshield quite well. What they don’t bother to explain is the menu of options within the camera. It’s like the boot menu of a PC. Here you adjust the date,time,resolution, length of the videos, etc. They don’t tell you how to adjust these options. So I wrote them once, twice then a 3rd time. NOTHING. They refuse to respond to customers. I had to figure out how to switch it from day to night mode by myself and how to turn off recording sound. The day mode recorded surprisingly good but you can’t read the license plate of the guy directly in front of you due to low resolution. Now, the night mode is grainy and is very bad with distance unless the guy in front of you slams on his brakes. You do get what you pay for but the retail is around $80 which should get you at LEAST an email back. Nowhere on their site are instructions on how to program it. You also have to get an SD card, not included but I saw the same model sold elsewhere and it included the memory card. I told them in my last letter that I would be leaving reviews on this product but that wasn’t enough to motivate them to care enough to help. Because, they don’t care. It’s good for daylight recording but night recording is poor. For the price here on Woot, it’s worth it if you don’t want to put out over a $100 for a decent model. If you buy one and you can’t figure out how to program it, contact me. At least I’ll email you back.

Did anybody besides me notice that the car that the camera is in in the picture on Woot is driving in between the two lanes? If they were to have an accident the camera would confirm it was their fault!

These are on sale at Groupon deals as well for $26.99 a majority of the ratings are the disappointed customers who are giving one star. Without good customer service as Hody491 claims. I will stay away at $29.99. But if Woot wants to match or a dollar or two less that would be more appetizing. Hint Hint

Better see you buy one then. :tongue:

This thing is actually pretty great, the only thing that took me a while to figure out was how to make it record continuously as it would stop recording once memory was full. all you have to do is limit the file size, it will record everything in one 4-5 hour video by default so if you limit it to 10-5-2-1 minutes (through the menu) once it runs out of memory it will find the oldest file and record over it which it couldn’t do if there was only one massive file in the memory card.

Resolution is decent, i can tell what happened and where, but you don’t have a chance of recording the licence plate as it’s too blurry, but for $30 i wont complain :slight_smile:

How do you program these? I get to the “next menu” and it kicks me out.

I bought one just to have a toy that “might” possibly come in handy if I’m ever in an accident. It plugs in and plays quite well right out of the box. However, I cannot get it to retain the timestamp date and time or figure out how to switch to night vision. I also have yet to figure out how to review a file after it has recorded…Wish I had saved my money at this point…

this camera is not worth the time waiting for it to arrive.
It was my sons gift for Christmas and so far in one day we can’t get it to do anything but act like it’s charging.
The instructions are definitely from another country. None of the buttons respond. No screen shows up. And after reading what was on the paper I guess they call instructions, we read it again.

Oh man, that’s a total bummer. These dashcams have a 1yr warranty with Aduro, I’d suggest reaching out to them to see if there’s any troubleshooting you can try.

If you need any extra help, please email with your order details and situation; CS can review your options.

I can’t figure out how to get to the menu at all, short presses and long presses on all the buttons only result in a digital clicking sound, nothing else.