Aduro U-Drive Pro HD DVR Dashcam

I bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband after we both got into fender benders. I paid $40 at Bed Bath and Beyond. The problem is that you need to charge it on the car charger, not the wall charger for 3 hours! the packaging said that if you didn’t it would cause issues with battery life. Boy did it. Not wanting to drive for 3 hours we charged it with the wall mount. Long story short we exchanged it for a shopping bag dispenser.

Thanks for the heads up. Almost bought it

I bought one, so you don’t have to (nor SHOULD you). Mine showed up with a defective mount, which stinks to begin with. However, it gets even better (see: worse)- the camera I purchased wont even read the Micro-SD cards I have tried to use in the expansion slot (mind you, I attempted to use all new cards of varying memory capacity.

You’re better off doodling a sketch of your accident- it’ll be more reliable and credible…

Looks cool!
Turns on when your car does!

Can’t hold a charge to stay on for long.
Can’t record video.
Can’t read SD cards.
Can’t power off 50% of the time.
Can’t show normal video on the screen, everything is green.