Aduro U-Grip Magnetic CD Slot Car Mount

I bought this from the Appsclusive and the arm snapped off not even a week later. I don’t have kids or use excessively, it literally just snapped from the weight of my S6. Bummed. :frowning:

Will the magnet work if you have a case on your phone?

It’ll depend on the thickness of the case. There’s a photo showing it with a case.

Bought this not too long ago. Does not mount in newer style cd players with plastic face plates as all it can grab is the plastic which is not strong enough.
I removed the magnet and mounted it to my Garmin mount. Same size ball. Works great.

My cd player no longer plays the first 3 or 4 songs and it skips all over. This is without that holder in it because it didn’t stay or my phone didn’t hold. I could live with that but when i went to play cd’s again one after another was the same problem. My player is useless whereas it did work perfectly fine before. Lucky me i guess. It was a good idea until i had to take the case off to make the magnet hold…but I’m bummed. It might work in other players but be careful. It kind of worked in my air vent. I would’ve rather the mount break over my cd player being ruined. :frowning: