Aduro U-Grip Magnetic CD Slot Car Mount

Is the magnet in the phone case or in the mount itself? I use a Rokform case on my iPhone and that has the magnet in the case. Would be nice if I could use this as the metal part to stick the phone to - the inside of my car doesn’t have a lot of magnetic metal available on the dash anywhere.

Great question! These come with different magnets that can either be stuck to the back of your phone, or between the back of the phone and the case.

If your phone case already has a magnet, this should also work.

I bought this a few weeks ago and actually like it. I have a Volvo S 60 and at first I thought this didn’t fit in my CD player. I just kept turning the screw until it fit

It comes with two pieces of flat metal that you attached to your phone. One piece has a sticky tape side the other one has no tape and is a little bit larger. I used the large more squared one inside my phone case and it holds very well.

You can angle the telephone position before or after you attach it to the magnetic arm. I still tend to push the unit into my CD player a little bit just about every time I use it because I want to make sure it doesn’t pop out.

I’m happy with it.

These are not magnets that come with the unit. They are magnetic pieces of metal.

Since it is magnetic, will it mess with the phone?

I bought one a few weeks ago for my Mazda CX-5. I’m very happy with it! It’s so nice to not have to mess around with opening a set of clamps to secure the phone. The magnet holds it well.