Aduro U-Grip Plus Universal Bike Mount

Aduro U-Grip Plus Universal Bike Mount

I have a different brand of this style phone holder - looks nearly identical. It holds my iPhone XR surprisingly well. I don’t think I’d trust it off-road, but on road, no problem.

Buying more to cover more bikes…

Edit: gonna pass.

  1. Only a buck less than mother Amazon.
  2. Only 90-day warranty vs lifetime at Amazon by the seller. (although collecting on that might be tricky)
  3. 10% 1-star rating - the mount breaks, dropping phone on pavement.
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I’ve had one on my motorcycle for over a year, no problems at all. My city’s pavement might as well be off road…

Bought two several weeks ago and the rubber edge on one has already snapped, i wouldn’t trust these with my i-phone