Aduro U-Grip Universal Headrest Mount for Tablets

Aduro U-Grip Universal Headrest Mount for Tablets

Is this different from the one that is $10.99 on Amazon?

Edit: yes, because this is a two pack! I didn’t realize, glad I asked. Good deal, purchased. Thanks for the reply!

The Woot listing is for a 2 pack. That Amazon link appears to be a single.

Heads up if you have a child with a larger booster seat. I bought one that looks identical to this to help entertain my 7 year old on the road. Problem is I had a large Graco booster seat that didn’t leave much room to get in and out. The mount broke eventually when daughter got in with a bookbag on. The weak point is at the base of the pivot ball since it’s hard plastic, not metal. Not a deal breaker or anything, just watch how the kids get in and out since kids do kid things like turning around with a backpack on getting in the car face toward the seat…

No matter how I adjust this, I can’t find a way to comfortably watch videos while I drive. Lame.

Thank you! Purchased because of your helpful info. I didn’t realize it was a two pack.

Try sitting in the back seat.

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How am I supposed to drive from the back seat?

Obviously you don’t drive with my mother! I drove from the backseat growing up because we would end up driving in circles!