Aduro U-GRIP Universal Tablet Stand/Mount

Aduro U-GRIP Universal Tablet Stand/Mount

This thing was originally almost $50!!! No freaking way.


Yah, it is selling for $9-12 over at Mother Amazon.

Which begs the question - why no link on the front page here to the 3,100 Amazon reviews?

But if you scan those reviews, even though they average 4-star, they frequently mention it breaking.

Without those reviews, I’d try it out. But Aduro-Woot will have to keep mine. (Does Woot or
Mother Amazon own some Aduro stock? All the Aduro stuff sold here.)

MSRP - what the manufacturer thinks it’s worth.

The vendor gives us the Amazon ASIN (SKU) that pulls in the reviews. If they don’t give one to us, we can’t pull in reviews. We don’t go hunting them down because we could grab a different model, previous model, upgraded model, etc.

I liked the first one of these I bought in 2016 to be perfectly happy full Amazon price a few times after that.

The hinge stiffness varies, just as much as the people who think it should be stiffer or looser in the Amazon reviews. Here’s hoping for a stiff one. :slight_smile:

Agree that list price is ridiculous.