Aduro U-Rise XL Adjustable Tablet Stand (2pk)

Aduro U-Rise XL Adjustable Tablet Stand (2pk)

Glad these are back. Earlier I got two of the two-packs (one for me, three for gifts). They were a hit, and I love mine, so here we go again…

I have ordered the ones for my cell phone and love them. There is no size information for the “XL”, is it really any larger?

The next-to-the-last photo has dimensions.

My order history from weeks ago links to this same posting - I would have to measure mine to see if earlier/now are actually the same size (the other one-pack currently listed is about 1/3rd the size).

If anyone has difficulty getting a tablet to balance, give a yell (or as my wife says, “Is this Tech Support?”)… that same next-to-last-page graphic with dimensions makes it clear just how far the various pivot-points WILL adjust relative to the base… just have to keep the CoG of the thing you’re balancing above the footprint of the base…

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Worked great for my cell phone, but liked to dip under the weight of my 12" Galaxy tablet. But, it’s an absolute smash for my Nintendo Switch for some downtime playing during work.

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XL? More like X Small. The base is not too sturdy for tablets. It isn’t wide enough and it becomes a balancing act if one isn’t careful. For smaller items like smartphones it’s perfect. The hinges are tight, and that’s what you need them to be. The edges have minor imperfections but that’s fine if you don’t have OCD. I bought a few to have around.

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I just got the second set in silver and these are NOT XL, they are the smaller ones, for smartphones.

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Hi there. Could you confirm if the measurements match the photo?


Either way, reach out to Woot! Customer Service.

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Thanks, it looks like the XL and “regular” are the same size. I use my older ones to charge my iPad and it does ok as long as I make sure it’s balanced. Just seems the “XL” is a marketing ploy.

I just measured them and:

XL is 9.5cm by 8cm as in the image, but the cradle is 2.0cm, not 1.5cm.

The normal one is 8.5cm by 7cm and the cradle is 1.5cm. and less sturdy.


These are tiny and fine for a cell phone…for a tablet, not so much. I think they are miss-described and possibly intentionally deceptive. The only way I can use my tablet with these is to use two of them. By the time you fiddle with getting that set up securely, you might as well just use your lap or the folding cover that sort of works. More trouble to return, but they should send replacements of actual tablet stands!