Aduro VP10 Multimedia 100-Lumen Portable Projector

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Aduro VP10 Multimedia 100-Lumen Portable Projector
Price: $39.99
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Whats with these toy projectors and the resolution so low it’s a flashback to the early 1990s?

Why do they still make projectors less than at least VGA resolution?

List price is supposedly $150. Funny that it’s literally impossible to find it for more than $50.


GARBAGE being foisted on ignorant customers! 100 freaking lumens! Just for reference, a standard 60 watt incandescent bulb is about 800 lumens.

I love it when this product comes up for sale just so I can read all the comments on how crappy this $4o dollar projector is.

Seriously, it’s a $40 dollar projector. Its not meant for use in your home theater or for watching “the big game” with hundreds of friends gathered around.

If you have kids who keep bugging you to watch their movie for the 1000th time on your big screen TV? Buy them this, tell them to take their laptop, go to their room and be quiet. You’ve just killed two birds with one stone. You have peace and quite and you once again claim ownership of the TV remote.

In my opinion, that’s $40 well spent.

native resolution of 320x240, yes crappie

-Davoh’s comment:

This should be the woot description for the product.

320x240, perfect for DOOM! (and DOOM 2)

Seriously. The know-it-alls are hysterical. It’s like seeing a $20 chef’s knife, and commenting “What garbage! This would never last more than a day in a real restaurant kitchen!” No kidding.

This sort of projector is perfect for what you describe. I like it, as well. I run a haunted house, and these inexpensive, low lumen projectors are PERFECT for special effects. They are bright enough to project the things I need, yet not too bright as to show any light leak in the black area. In fact, I set up a pico projector with 50 lumen (“50??!! JUNK!!!”) just last night:

Why buy that when you can have this:


It’s about the same resolution and lumen output

I’d love one of those.


Oh those new-fangled gizmos! back in my day the pictures didn’t move.


But even better was the Remco model I had…


Now here’s a little game for ya - what noted actress is the ticket-taker girl in the Remco commercial?
No fair Googling!

Well, I’m no expert on projectors, but I would say this is the PERFECT item for the Hollywood Film fanatic - - as a great nightlight in a guest bathroom.

$40? Is this a misprint? Wahoo, Im in. Setting up a backyard movie screen this weekend!

Oh wait, just read all the other comments. Do you think if I bought 10 of these and focused them all on the same spot it would be like 1000 lumens? Maybe not, I think I’ll pass.