Aduro VP20 Portable LED Multimedia HD Projector

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Aduro VP20 Portable LED Multimedia HD Projector
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Groupon has some reviews
Product Page with inflated price. Good thing I “won” a coupon code by going there.

Cheaper on eBay?

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I purchased a similar projector from an online distributor for about $35 or $40 and they are cute. Cute being the operative word…the resolution is very low (as noted) and even though you can plug in HDMI etc. the quality is low. Too low to use for reading any text (so powerpoint slides, etc are a NO GO). But still FUN to throw on a movie and use it camping or outside or when you just want the effect

How does the audio aspect work? Do you have to attach something externally or is it simply the audio from the computer?
Is the visual projection quality decent enough to actually enjoy a movie or more distracting & annoying?

The title for this is wrong.

640x480 is not high definition. It’s standard definition. Technically, it’s WORSE than standard definition which is 720x480 for NTSC or 720x576 for PAL.

There’s no way that this deserves to be called “HD”.

Tagging this HD should actually be a crime. If it is not 720i/p or better it is NOT HD.

In this case I think HD stand for Horrible Definition… Not High Definition.

Need 3 of these to fake 720p or 1080i = $195
Need 8 of these to fake 1080p = $520

too bad the resolution is so low. i might have jumped on this

And you’d have to figure out how to split a picture, solidly mount and align them all, and use them all at once. Or you could go to eBay and buy a factory-refurbished Acer 720P or 1280x800ish projector for around $200, go to Amazon and buy a brand-new 720P Epson for $350, or a new 1080P one for $500ish.

These little junk projectors are not only very misleading (putting “HD” in their model names), but they are so bad that they will scare people away from buying a decent projector in the future. Someone will buy one of these, play with it for a bit, and completely misunderstand the benefits of having a good-quality projection system.

Maybe these things are secretly owned by Sharp and LG, to convince customers to buy a 90" TV for $7,000 instead of an HD projector and screen for $1000?

Morning all. Hope y’all are having a great Saturday.

This projector is more for data - like spreadsheets & presentations. It’s not a movie projector. That’s why it’s on our computer site.

Woot also currently has this one for sale. But with what you said, about a 1080p one for $500, is this viewsonic worth it?

That’s an excellent projector from a very solid company. It’s also 5000 lumen making it significantly brighter than cheaper projectors. From my experience you’d be very pleased with that projector. It’s not an amazing deal, but a pretty good one for a great product.

Hummmmm…Thunderthighs says ‘’ It’s not a movie projector.’’ Woot Features read ‘‘this projector, which can generate larger-than-life versions your favorite TV shows or movies.’’…’‘turn almost any blank space into an instant home theater experience.’’…’‘streaming movies’’…’’ creating a drive-in theater in your garage’’…maybe you should read your own description/Features next time before you make a comment that contradicts your own list of features…just a thought.

Yep! I remember when Woot went out of their way to be honest with what they were selling. I barely remember.

The only thing I’d use this for is projecting spooky eyes out your front window for halloween. Even then, you’ll notice the resolution sucks.

I was going by what I was told when I asked why a projector was on the computer site rather than electronics. It’s because it’s not a projector that would be very good for movies.

Our features come from the manufacturers in most cases. I was offering another perspective on this projector.