Aduro Wall Tower 12 Outlet Dual USB

Aduro Wall Tower 12 Outlet Dual USB

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Picked one up, got it a bit ago and it seems to work great. Running quite a bit on it with no issues so far.


Buyer beware!

Bought two of these on Groupon after seeing them on Woot! since they were selling them for $13.99 each and it was cheaper to buy two there even with the cost of shipping, both have a major safety-related manufacturing defect.

The screws that are supposed to hold the product together are not long enough, so when you plug this into the wall and then try to unplug the cover pulls free from the rest of the device exposing the internal wiring and presents an electrocution hazard.

These only appear to be for sale on clearance sites like Woot!, Groupon and Overstock, and truthfully the manufacture Aduro should not be selling this product at all.


This appears to plug into one outlet of a 2-wall-outlet stack.
Can one plug something else into the other wall outlet, or is it assumed that the 12 plugs will take up all the capacity of the 2 outlets?
I want to use this to substitute for a bunch of power strips I have, but they are mostly 6 outlets per strip, and then one strip per wall plug. I don’t know if 12 outlets plugged into one wall plug would be able to bear the same capacity as 2 sets of 6 outlets plugged into 1 wall plug.

Yeah, looks like to covers both outlets. I’d be worried about overloading the circuit if you put more on there.

I agree with ereagan’s assessment, this should NOT BE SOLD with the screw to hold it together. Mine fell apart in the same way as his and it was not easy to re-assemble. I’m heading to a hardware store to get the needed screw for this.

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It only plugs into one outlet. I tried asking the company and I can’t reach them.

Right, one plug but it looks like it might cover both outlets.

Got mine… The screws that hold the cover together are half the size they should be. All the standoffs that the screws are suppose to be in were cracked and the cover just popped right off when I opened the packaging. Possibly banged up in shipping, crappy design regardless.


This is a safety hazard and Woot should issue refunds to all who purchased them and ask the purchasers to dispose of them ASAP.

Just wondering, knowing the issue in advance, is it possible to remediate this safety issue by simply replacing the screws with longer ones before using it?

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I bought 3 of these and all 3 of them are broken in this way. The screws are to short and break off the plastic stand offs as people have stated.

The screws have a triangle security head, not a standard Phillips head so you will need to buy a special tool to remove them. Secondly seeing how brittle the plastic is I would wonder is the longer screw would actually work.

For those of you having problems with this outlet, please make sure you contact Woot Customer Service so they can track them.

From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Mine’s still going strong.

woot can’t even seem to fulfill the order I placed for this. woot bit the dust when amazon acquired them.

Fulfillment is trying right now. There’s not as many UPS drivers so not as many trucks to pick up orders. We appreciate your patience. Feel free to reach out to Woot Customer Service. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

The longer screw will attach to the actual socket in the wall, not just deeper into the plastic face.

Correct. Even though it connects to only one plug it is technically connected to the entire circuit that the plug is attached to. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about watch A Christmas Story where he’s plugging in his prised lamp.

Are those screws or rivets. I tried blowing up the picture large enough to see, but couldn’t tell for sure.