Aduro Wall Tower 12 Outlet Dual USB

Aduro Wall Tower 12 Outlet Dual USB

Is that a hole to screw it to the wall outlet?

Is there a supplied screw?
WE have problems with this type of thing coming unplugged

Hello. Per the vendor:

This model has a dedicated slot for a screw if you wanted to do a hard install but the screw does not come included.

19.99 on Amazon, so you save $2. Not bad, but not what Woot wants you to think.

I can’t find the USB power rating other than 2.4a. They say “SmartCharge” rather than QuickCharge, so I wonder if it supports 9v or 12v QuickCharge devices, or just 5v 2.4a devices. It’s not on the manufacturer website either, and the tab for the manual is empty.

A big thing that tells me “no” is that this uses fuses rather than a breaker. You overload it, you have to replace it rather than resetting it.

The 2.4A is usually the combined TOTAL charge current for both USB ports, so its actually only 1.2A per port.

My experience with thermal fuses is that they auto reset when they cool down. I don’t think replacing them is required.

1.2a per port if both are in use. If only one port is in use you’d have access to the full 2.4a.