Adventure Awaits in Books!

Congrats on your adventurous Derby win, Paxdomino! I fully agree with you about the adventures in books! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Tiger trying to get in on a fun party.

I really miss the old Tees that didn’t have an explanation (on the shirt) of why I should think it was a fun or clever design. The images spoke for themselves. The wordy-shirts suck the fun right out of them. Today’s design…? case in point. I get it. No explanation required

Please tell me there’s an option for this to be a poster/print?

While I’ve already ordered the shirt, I agree with this, it should be a print as well.

This design nails the Vintage Advertising theme. Excellent concept and composition!

That tiger counts this as a cat shirt, right? Congrats on the win!

A tiger is a cat, so yes.

(Hooray, it’s


This rules

Great design! Congrats on the win :slight_smile:

I want it. I don’t want to pay $5 shipping. Or, it’s not worth $15 total I guess.

This should be available as a poster also!!!

Love it!

Nooooo! I bought this T-Shirt for my son. It looked good in the graphic but unfortunately there are simply NO LETTERS for the N and G on the shirt. So it says “READI IS ADVENTURE”.

Don’t buy this until the graphic can be fixed.

Almost. Try again!

Wow. That is both unfortunate and ironic. If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance. Including a picture of the shirt will be helpful for our Shirt Team.

I hope we get this sorted out for you soon.

I had the same problem. I contacted Customer Service and they promptly replied and sent me a new (perfect) shirt. You rock, Woot!