Advice on Drawing Tablets for PC and File Sizes for Derbies

I posted this in the wrong place last week (The Physics Derby where no one saw it) and I thought this might be the right place to repost it:

I would like some advice about the Bamboo Tablets. I am thinking of investing in one and I am unsure as to which one to get. I’m leaning towards the Bamboo Craft or Fun, but I do not need the software it comes with because I already have Photoshop CS3 on my comp. I would love to be able to actually sketch something and have that be my actual design because I can only do some much in Photoshop right now due to my limitations of not having taken the Digital Imaging class yet.
I’d really appreciate some feedback, maybe someone on here has one of these and loves it or hates it?
And one more question. I keep thinking that I am not doing the print ready file correctly, but I don’t know for sure. I know this is really basic, but when you start a file and you know you have to have two different files with two different dpi’s do you start with the higher one (300) and then change to the lower one(72) or does it even matter? For some unknown reason I can’t remember and it’s not in my notes either (which is kinda crazy). My bad.

I can’t comment on the bamboos other than to say you might get a Wacom Intuos 3 on EBay for a pretty low price, or via using an educational discount.

As far as the file sizes go, the DPI doesn’t really matter at all, it is just the pixels that matter. Your detail image needs to be 240x240 and your shirt placement needs to be 580x580. If either of these has a different dimension than those, then that image will show up blurred on the voting pages, because woot will compress it to that size.

The print-ready file, of only the design, or only the ink that will go on the shirt,with its separate layers for each color, is supposed to be 300dpi, no larger than 16"x20". So, see, you actually need 3 files.

an even better place to post this question is in the “world of woot shirts” section of the forums. more of the derby artists follow that area more assiduously.

Thanks! I will look on ebay for that and thanks for the help with the file sizes. I was thinking for some reason that my print ready wasn’t the right size, but i haven’t heard anything back saying it’s not, so it must be alright.

Excellent! I will post this there as well :slight_smile: