Advice, please


Okay, so I go to a beer emporium where after every 200 different beers, they give you a plate with your name on the wall and a party for you and your friends. I just finished my third batch and sent out an email invite for the date to all my friends. Got an email back from one of them wondering if she could bring her kids (baby boy and 5 year old girl). This place is, for all purposes, a bar. Smoking is allowed there and when people do bring their children, it kind of “weirds” a lot of the customers (me included) and the staff out. I actually like her kids, but how do I tactfully tell her I’d really rather her not bring the young 'uns?
ACKKK, help and suggestions, please?


I’d just tell her its not a family friendly place and the kids might be happier at home where they have things to do. But if either of the kids is a ‘screamer’ I’d just say it isn’t a kid appropriate party and you’d rather they stayed home. You gotta consider all your guests after all.


Bah…let her bring 'em.
My parents took me to smoke-filled bars and I turned out just great!

Besides, they won’t drink much.


You invited her, knowing that she had kids. Not fair to leave her out now, especially since it really is OK for them to be at the strip club, er, I mean, biker bar, oh, no, I mean restaurant. Yeah, restaurant.

seriously, so what if the people in the bar are “weirded out”? You think they aren’t weirded out by you and the rest of your friends anyway? ;^)


You could tactfully say you like her kids but this is an adults only party. Please note that she might not be able to come due to sitter issues.

And a suggestion for the future e-vites - put ‘adults only’ or ‘family friendly’ or ‘kids welcome’ or something like that in the invitation. Take care.


sure bring them with but warn her that there are a few people from child welfare also invited!

kids don’t belong in bars, strip clubs, etc. booze and smoking should not be anywhere near them! grrr! it teaches them bad habits!




oddly, I disagree. Kids ought to see the real world whenever possible, especially in a way that is safe for them. They need to be aware of reality, and they need to be exposed to it in such a way that they don’t feel threatened. Bars are going to be a real part of their lives, probably, and they will be better off if they view a place like that as a place where normal, real people are present, not just hookers and frat boys and the whole meat market hook-up joint that they’ll discover at about 18 or 19.



“Hello Sally?”

“This is Grant…”

“I am so glad you will be able to attend my 200th beer party at the Mug 'n Pub.”

"About George (aka baby boy) and Sarah (aka 5 year old girl), I would say, "Sure, bring them along, but I think they would be bored with all the ‘grown up’ talk. "

Tara is getting a sitter for Ann, maybe you could drop George and Sarah off with Ann so they could also enjoy the night?"


“Tara is getting a stripper for Ann, maybe you could bring George and Sarah so they could also enjoy the night?”


i see your point joe but as a mom of grown kids who never were taken into a bar i have my own opinion too. a baby and a 5 year old won’t learn anything being there. odds are they will be kept up past their bedtime and exposed to more second hand smoke than they need to be! let them wait till they are teens and allowed to be up and visiting during adult parties…and i don’t mean “swinger’s parties” i mean a dinner party type thing! where i live we have laws regarding children being in bars after 7 or 8 pm anyway. and you can’t smoke in bars or restaurants here anymore either!


I wonder if kids would be even allowed in the establishment? That would be a good place to start.

Next, I agree with others. “While the choice is yours, it’s really not an appropriate place for kids. I wouldn’t bring my kids.”


Ya want my advice? Here it is . . . don’t take my advice.


I was just passing through, and I have to say…
agree with you, Josephus! :slight_smile: