AE Mirror Dashcam and Rearview Camera

AE Mirror Dashcam and Rearview Camera

Three questions: How many mega-pixels?

What capacity is the memory? (And can I install a larger capacity memory card?)

Is it capable of night recording?

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Resembles this review

I still don’t get how it’s going to work? IF it’s supposed to go on top of your existing rearview mirror (??) how is the camera going to be able to work? I’m not “visualizing” that part??? what am I missing??

I’m not staff, but I do have a similar one of these in my truck. With that said:

  • It’s not a still camera, so don’t count megapixels. It’s designed for 1080p video.
  • 32gb is the maximum supported. No card was included with mine (that is similar).
  • On mine, it’s usable. Daytime is a lot better. Keep in mind, it’s a $30 front+rear dash cam.

The wide angle is a plus in getting footage but the trade-off is you shouldn’t expect to read licence plates any more than a car length away.

The camera hangs over the edge of the existing rear view mirror. The lens is mounted on a swivel, so it can still be aimed straight while the rear view is angled for the driver.


It’s some Groupon crap. They probably had it for the same price.

i SEE said the blind man!! thx for the reply…i was wondering if it was “larger/longer” than a “typical” rearview mirror… it’s hard to tell from the vid…

You’re welcome.

A caveat to this is that if the sun visor folds down close to the mirror, this will obstruct it. I can’t use this type of dash cam on my Volvo for this reason.

lol… LUCKY YOU for having a visor that’s wide enough to go over that FAR!! lol!! i drive a nissan rouge and am 5’4" and tried to add an extension to my visor to “block” the sun past a certain part of the day!! they just didn’t think those things through when creating that vehicle, or they did, and it may have been an “upgrade”!!! hehe either way, i had to purchase an extender, which, i really can’t use bcuz it gets in my way, and then if it goes out too far, it still “falls” and doesn’t really work!! i tried putting on the other visor, and working it from the opposite side, and it still doesn’t work!! Then i tried buying the plastic/clingy stuff to adhere to the inside of my windshield, right behind the visors…the TEXAS heat didn’t allow for it to “stay” long…it came off within the first week it was “up”!! good thing it wasn’t expensive!! I’ve even looked in to trying to replace my visor(s) with longer ones, it’s gotten that bad!! that’s where I’m at now!! lol (i am in my vehicle a good portion of the day, as i do delivery work…so having an unobstructed view and the ability to SEE without “glare” isn’t allot to ask, is it?? hehehehehe i WILL find a happy “medium (large or extra-large)”…i just know it!!)

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I have two versions of this device. For the price its a good deal. Its like comparing a polaroid to a high end Nikon. The video and pic will be there for you its not as clear as my garmin but it shows what i need to see.

Does the camera turn itself on when I start the car, or do I have to remember to turn it on myself?

The camera will turn on when the car turns on.