AE Mirror Dashcam and Rearview Camera

AE Mirror Dashcam and Rearview Camera


Does this include the memory card? If so, what size storage??

Doesn’t look like it.

I bought one of these the last time they were on woot. The mirror cracked while trying to install it (which was partially my fault) and when I got the backup cam connected it would power on but would not provide video. I was also not impressed by the typos in the menus and the buttons which usually required a couple pushes before they registered. All in all, this unit is poorly manufactured and in my opinion not worth even the marked down price.


Appreciate the review. You just saved me a bit of money. Also, probably some frustration followed by regret, lol.


I’ve had this unit for a while and do like it. The manual is no good (still have no idea on some of the settings) but it’s basic functions seem to work. Video quality is good, not the best but god forbid you are ever in a accident you will have it as evidence. If it’s a hit and run, you might not be able to see the license plate clearly, but I leave the microphone recording on just for that reason (I would just read out loud the plate number if they tried to take off). All in all it’s worth the $30 imho.

As the saying goes-you get what you pay for. I fought with this for hours trying to get either camera to work(never got the rear camera to work). The manual is in broken English-so no help there. I got so frustrated with it I decided to see how it would work after it collided with the brick wall. It didn’t help things, but ended my frustrations!!! Not worth the money @ ALL.

Ugh, sorry for the frustration. I wish you had contacted Woot customer service for a return. :frowning: