AERIAL7 Sound Disk Beanie Headphones

Sweet! As a music listener while sleeping these are perfect! I can actually sleep on my side and listen to music with these without bulky headphones buggy me!


Watched the video - thanks for making me look like a total wuss, Michelle. But, I’m still in for a Beanie - and I’m buying one for my soccer playing nephew’s birthday!

I got three of these about a month ago because I sleep with white noise and the headband speakers (sleepphones) I had been using were getting too stretched out.

The speakers themselves are a really hard plastic. I could make do by punching a hole in the pillow where my ear goes but I found myself holding my neck weird to stay in the right place. The hat itself is fairly comfortable, though the material is a bit scratchier that I want for sleeping - it’s that dri-weave sporty-type stuff. Just last week I gave up and safety-pinned my old headband tighter and went back to it.

Have no idea how it would work while snowboarding or during other activities but I’ll probably use it if I ever get around to doing the Zombies, Run! c25k like I keep saying I am. I hate earbuds and the loop-over-the-ear headphones fall off (can’t get them to work with my eyeglasses earpieces) so this might be the trick. Though in Texas I might have to cut one of the ones I got down to just a headband for heat reasons.

These are GREAT. Last time they were on WOOT, I bought 3; 1 for myself, and the other 2 to ‘gift’ my brother and one of my 3 BiL’s. After they arrived and I had the chance to try mine on, I knew I should have ordered more. Come Christmas day the other BiL’s stated that they would have liked them as well, so I’ve ordered 3 more, 1 as a backup for me, & 2 for them. Additional note - the included beanie is very tight, like a “doo-rag”, but I have modified 2 other beanie-style hats (1 wool, 1 fleece) and a fleece ear warmer to work with them by making a small slit at the back to insert the earphones into, and these other hats work just as well and are a bit more ‘stylish’ for everyday wear, for lack of a better way to describe it. Get some - you’ll dig 'em! They sound great, and are very comfortable, and you can adjust how insular they make you by sliding them on or off your ear in an instant, awesome for being out in public when you need to hear people sometimes.

Can anyone tell me…

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being quiet, and 10 being loud) how loud can the speakers get?

I’m wondering if I could adapt them to use with my motorcycle helmet. I won’t bother though if they aren’t loud enough to dround out the wind noise.

I bought these earlier to use in my helmet. They fit perfectly in a Shoei RF-1100 with some Velcro. I wear custom earplugs while riding and from my iPhone turned all the way up I can hear over the wind at highway speeds. It’s not blasting and some quieter parts of songs get drowned out, but that may be different without the earplugs. In the city they are great.

I showed a buddy my “setup” (remove speakers from beanie, Velcro into helmet) and he made me promise to get him one.

For $13 it’s at least worth a shot :slight_smile: sorry for no 1-10 scale. It’s hard to objectively state.

Be warned that their customer service isn’t the greatest. I had bought a pair of their CHOPPER headphones for my girlfriend as a present, and they were SUPER AWESOME in both sound quality and feel, but then the cords started giving her problems even though she was treating them fine. We sent the pair back, and when they “sent out” the first replacements (after confirming receipt of the malfunctioning ones), it never arrived at my place even though the address was fine, and they said the package got returned. I asked them to ship it again and it took about 4 or 5 months of repeated emails (every couple of weeks typically so that I wasn’t just straight up badgering them) to get them to finally ship back some replacements.

Since then my girlfriend has bought me a pair of the CHOPPER headphones too (in a very cool style that has feathers made out of threads in the headband) which were treating me very well until they started giving out too. I’m afraid to deal with their customer support again to get these replaced simply because of how bad the experience was last time I tried to get it solved.

Their products are awesome until they quit working, and their customer service is quite shoddy and doesn’t seem to care about the customer.

C’mon, Woot . . . I wake up at this ungodly hour, and blue is already sold out?

Bought one of these on the woot off over the holiday. LOVE IT! I’ve used it to shovel snow, work out inside, and under my helmet snowmobiling. Works great for all! Even used it to talk on my Samsung GSII and the person I was talking to said it sounded awesome and would not of guessed I was using it. I had the mic hanging down below my chest and it was that good. Even allowed me to answer and hang up the call on my phone, even though they claim this control is for iphone only.

Alright…couldn’t decide red or white so in for one of each. Hope they are good for winter running in Wisconsin !

Bought one before the holidays and I am very happy with it. The only drawback is, as an adult with a small head, the “one size” doesn’t really “fit all” … so I have to wear a hat on TOP of this cap when I run. Not a big deal but just a warning to other adults with smaller than average noggins! :slight_smile:

i bought 3 during the woot off for the holidays gifts kept one for myself… my brother and i who are lifters love it! i just bought two more to have when the others are in the wash

What do you lift?

I was once on a quest to find headphones that worked for me. I found the solution in the PMX 680 headphones from Seinheiser. (wow, that sounds like a sales pitch haha) Anyhow, they worked with my glasses and I liked the fact that the lower portion of the cable could be separated from the headphones, leaving a short 1.5ft cord for plugging into my ipod on my arm strap. works well for runs and what not, as they’re near impossible to knock off and they dont sit IN your ear like earbuds; they rest at the entrance of your ear canal.

That being said, everybody’s head/ears are different, but I like them. The only drawback I find is you cannot rest your head on a pillow with them on. It pushes the band that wraps around the back of the head forward uncomfortably. And they’re $40.

So try the beanie for sure at less than 15 bucks, but if you want pictures and such…

Amazon Listing

Well, I crank my ipod up to full volume to hear well with this hat on…and that’s just with ambient outdoor noise. But maybe with a helmet on, it would seem a lot louder.

They are hard plastic earphones, so would probably hurt if pressed directly up against your ear for a long amount of time. However, you can take the earphones out of the hat and somehow create a pocket in your helmet to slide them up in to.

I bought 1 of these last time around. Overall, I like it.

*fits even a small head like mine (I usually have to buy large kid hats)
*removable earphones so you can wash the hat.
*earphones move around so you can place them where your ears actually are.
*comfortable hat

*Earphones, being a hard plastic, start hurting my outer ear after a short time wearing them. :frowning:
*For me, too much material on top of the the hat (although I just sort of tuck it under the back band).
*If you’re in a noisy environment, you may have trouble hearing your ipod. Just being outdoors, I have to put my ipod on almost full volume.
*cords are a bit flimsy, and sometime cut out. Concerned that they will not last. But perhaps I can buy headphones that I can use with the hat.

Can anyone tell me how long the cord is? The picture makes it look pretty short, and I don’t have a nano/micro or anything to mount my player to my sleeve.

Shoot! The only color left is white. I guess I farted around too long this morning before checking Woot. I’ll have to wait for them to come back around again.

Better have a pretty big head. I have a large head and this beanie comes to my lips pulled down all the way.