AERIAL7 Sound Disk Beanie Headphones

I got one of these beanies (Blue) during a Woot off previously and like them pretty well. I used it a lot of the holiday when I had to go shopping with my in-laws, as the headphones are discrete and they didn’t notice I wasn’t paying attention. (I’m a great husband, I know :P)

The cap is a bit tight like others have said, but the headphone portions of the cap can be removed and moved around to fit the audio you want. They can get pretty dang loud too if you crank up the volume on your device. I don’t really pay attention to fidelity, it was good enough to me, and replicated the feel of a pair of headphones that fully cups your ear, even if it’s a bit tightly.

The cord was nice and long, and went from the back of my neck down to my coat and pants pockets with some slack still. I will say though, I’m worried about how long they will hold up. Mine is not even that old and is already developing that crackling over the audio with the headphone wire when it is moved around. Haven’t tried to contact customer service yet but I’m not encouraged after reading the other review of them.

10—very loud!!! Drown out screaming babies!!!

They come with an extension. I have used mine jogging and i can put my iPod in my pocket, run the cord behind me and up to the hat, and have just the right amount of cord to spare (enough that it doesn’t yank the cord out of the iPod, but not so much it flops around annoyingly).

I use them in both my Shoei helmets, and they are fine for me. Mind you, I’m listening to Muse at volume - YMMV. I just bought 3 more for my snowboard helmet and as gifts. I love 'em.

EDIT: I took the guts out and attached them to the inside of the helmets - I’m not wearing the beanie inside the bike helmet. I assume that’s what you’d do. I used some tape to attach the microphone inside the helmet’s chinguard - I can take hands-free phone calls now (probably not very safe, but neither is riding a bike in the big bad city, is it).

Thanks to the folks that replied about using these in a motorcycle helmet - I’m in for one!

I have them. Awesome, Dude.

How big is the beanie, size-wise? I have 10" dreadlocks and have concerns about looking crazy.

I got this. I wasn’t real crazy about the beanie part but the headphones are great. Since they are removable…so you can wash the beanie…I took out the head phones and slipped them into my 180 earmuffs. Works great!

Even if you look crazy, I’m gonna bet you’ve got the confidence to pull off a great “what are YOU looking at” stare.

Glad I was able to check into getting a black one! Jammin to anyone else who scored one too!

Just bought one! Hope the good reviews are true! Does anyone know others can hear the music easily? It doesn’t look like earbuds, so I wonder if other people will be annoyed by easily hearing my music.

You’re losing perspective. Checking Woot is farting around.

I have the earband version of these to listen to music in bed. The only complaint is that the velcro is on the “ear” side and can dig into your skin. I did a little velcro relocation, and now comfort!

I can vouch for Aerial7 having absolutely no customer service. They have ignored 4 emails of my request for replacement of the connector cord which was missing a clip while inside the packaging. This cord is also the source of a short causing sound to not be heard most of the time, which kind of defeats the purpose of the product. I would have thought it would be easy for them to send a replacement, but they have yet to even respond. I am actually buying the beanie product just to get the cord for the tank headphones. Yeah AERIAL7 does not like customers.

FAIL Woot. I am stuck in the loop of entering my shipping/billing address then getting sent back to the “I want one” page, then repeating. I am physically not able to make the purchase. I have already contacted support and received no response all day. Fail.

Well I hope reports about poor customer service are wrong. Recieved my Beanie Headphones, and after about 5 minutes of use, one of the speakers stopped working… Here we go… is always there to help you with options, in case you run into issues with the manufacturer! Sorry about your bummer beanie.