Aerielle Audiobug FM Transmitter’s Listings… from $30
PriceGrabber’s Listings… from $32

Shopzilla, Yahoo, Froogle, Smarter, etc.… plus the ones above… and by the way, what the heck is this thing?.. … nevermind… i figured it out… thanks for the help… so simple.

Trackwoot with Froogle & Pricegrabber Links

From what I can see it isn’t bad. Save a bit of money. Of course it is Woot! =)

No woot for me today. I missed out on the mp3 player though. Would have gone well with this.

Side Note. Guess PriceGrabber doesn’t list FM Transmitters from companies that aren’t Belkin-ish.

In Soviet Russia, radio transmits you!

How’s this compare to the iRiver FM Transmitter from the Woot off?

My car doesnt have a lighter. But it does have a radio…

Aerielle Audiobug FM Transmitter
$9.99+ $5 shipping

1 Aerielle Audiobug FM Transmitter ATB-350

kind of looks like an old HP calculator…

I still can’t do reverse polish. Back for another night.

For those of you who missed the Two For Tuesday Iriver FM transmitters, which I might add work great!

It doesn’t get to much worse than this. Woot you didn’t sell the last brand of these you had. Why on earth would you buy more?

FM Transmitters seem to be very popular with woot… This one seems pretty nice, but it’d look nicer in black…

I’ll pass…

If someone bought all the FM transmitters Woot has offered in the last year, they would probably have a little black box next to their name.

Doesn’t charge your player. Analog music connection (3.5mm stereo plug). If you bought a Sansa, it’d work just fine, and not a bad price…

I actually stopped using my FM transmitter and went back to my old-school cassette adapter…don’t have to deal with interference with radio stations that way.

That’s a good price for those that want to listen to their MP3 through the car’s stereo speakers.

FYI, 107.9 is a real station in our area. You’d have to pick an empty band to make this work.

Never heard of this brand, Have a similar woot one that came with my Rca lyra, works wonderful.

If only I wasn’t using the cigarette lighter to power something else…

OMG! That rectal thermometer is HUGE!

That dude better hit the emergency room, no telling what kind of damage that thing can do, and by the looks of it, he’s got a fever of 107.9 (yeah… disco fever, baby.)

I also went back to the tape cassette adapter because if you do any sort of state to state travel, it becomes a pain in the butt to switch between stations to find the strongest signal every 30 miles. This would probably rock for my sister though when she drives to school, so I’m in for one.

Does this device keep my highs high and my lows low? Or does it kinda make everything blend into the mids?