Aerielle Audiobug FM Transmitter



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Aerielle Audiobug FM Transmitter
$8.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Aerielle Audiobug FM Transmitter ATB-350


Not bad


this is handy, i assume it works iwth anything that has speaker jack out?


Is this any good?




so so


Hmmm my old transmitter is breaking on me, maybe I should go for it…


This is exactly the same as the Kensington iPod adapter… same body and everything. EXCELLENT SOUND QUALITY!





wasnt tis in the last woot-off


these are super handy


I got one of these last time. THey’re great! ANd I paid $15 last time, I think.

Highly recommended.


Don’t buy this, myself and a friend bought it, both worked for 2 days and crapped out. WASTE OF MONEY!


Wow. Yuck. That thing is the wrong colour and is way too big.
They should of picked bright blue or a drinkable orange!


no thanks, need an mp3 player though :happy:


I picked up one of these the last time they were offered, and it works better than I had expected it to.


I hate FM modulators of any kind after dealing with it with satelite radio you get static and such and have to keep finding empty stations if you drive a lot.


Why can’t these go below 88??? One of my Sirius radios goes down to 87.9 and it’s much easier to find clean airwaves there.