Aerielle i2IUniversal FM Transmitter

should go fast too

Should go fast

Come on white boxers, buy em up fast.

another FM transmitter

if i hand bought one off of ebay for $3 i would be all over this

should go fast

-alyzer is winning right now

I held my breath for minutes, hitting f5 for this 2002 technology?

How strong is the signal on this? Will it overpower real radio stations in my car?

bag of crap

I’d buy that for a dollar (if I had one)

Sold out as I was buying

cheaper on ebay
but still, someone by 30 of these

Looks like the Woot servers need a defib.


Darn good deal, I just bought one and paid more and didn’t even get the added benefit of the USB port! Should get as many as possible…

Oh sure, I finally want something and they have about 8 of them…

107.9…my favorite station! Conservative talk radio!!!
You go, Woot!!!

First time I actually wanted something and it was gone before I could say BOO HOO!

Mine lasted about two weeks. Then it completely died.