Aerielle RDS FM Transmitter for iPod, iPhone & iPad

Not for Zune? Pass!

Will it allow me to tune to 87.7 and 87.9 MHz, or am I limited to 88.1-107.9 MHz?

Also, hows the sound quality? I had a previous FM Transmitter from another company that even the Amazon reviews said was junk. I got it for free… and it was junked rather quickly.

Product Website

Does it have to be in airplane mode for it to work with iPh4?

(The one I currently have “recommends” it, but I’ve never had a problem using it without.)

That’s my concern with any of these. In Southern California, if you can’t get a transmitter that transmits 87.9, then it’s basically a useless piece of plastic.

I had a Kensington that looked a little bit like this one and it officially only went down to 88.1, but there was a two-button trick you could do to get it down to 87.9.

I’m thinking if must be some sort of FCC-imposed limitation because some of the Chinese electronics sites sell transmitters that advertise 87.9 capabilities.

Why does it have to be iPod? WHY?!

AND WHY THE ANNOYING PACKAGING!? I freaking hate that kind of packaging with a passion.

Wait … Airplane Mode? I’ve got to disable my iPhone’s phone to use this thing?

Would I be right in guessing that this is only for the charger to work (presumably, to reduce the current draw), but that the transmitter would work in any case?

At Amazon

Similar product for $6.14 with free shipping on Amazon

That one doesn’t claim it works with iPhone. At least the 3-second scan of the page didn’t have it pop out at me :slight_smile:

It probably works. I’ve used a lot of accessories with my iPhone that claim they have to be in airplane mode. Sometimes you’ll get some minor interference (a digital ‘buzzing’) but usually it works just fine.

Also, when first connecting, an annoying warning might pop up asking if you want to go into airplane mode (which you can decline). iOS4 seems to be less intrusive about this than 3.x used to be.


I do have a question: Anyone know if the RDS works with the iPhone? They specifically say “iPod” when they talk about it. Is the iPhone officially an “iPod”?

looks to me like it is all iPhones:

Works with my Touch 3G, which isn’t listed either, so… take your chances?

So bummed this won’t work with my Shuffle. :frowning:

Upon closer inspection… I love that the package says “Audio. No Strings Attached.”

Well, sure, no strings… just a USB cable…

If you read at the bottom of the page, woot tells you they tested it themselves on all the iphones and it worked.

Seriously? Just about all iPod devices don’t work with shuffle (since it lacks a dock connector)